aerial view of city buildings during daytime
aerial view of city buildings during daytime

Your dream home

Find your perfect property in Spain with personalized service and expertise.

You want to buy one or more properties in Spain but before you even start with the first step you realise that "What is the first step? A search? Of what exactly?"

With My Spanish Real Estate team, you will discover the myriad possibilities that the Spanish property market has to offer, including specially those often overlooked by most agencies due to their divergence from the typical tourist profile.

We go beyond the standard coastal apartments, where you are likely to overpay for limited offerings, to present a wealth of opportunities in surrounding areas. Here, prices are more accessible, and the options are superior, unrestricted by agencies territorial limitations.

Our Spanish team, fully based in UK and for many years, deeply understands that immersing ourselves in the culture, language, history, and customs enables us to better cater to your investment needs in Spain hence we will start with an intense interview to generate the best route for your end goal.

What we mean by this is that maybe in your personal situation, you're looking for some agencies that will show you what it seems "All what I need ask for" for exemple in a villa where all services around are included, people in the vecinity might speak good english, you don't need the use of car.. and that might be perfect for you, specially if you want to move permanently.

However for others this might be just an oasis, a simulation, a little matrix where everything is okay meanwhile you stay in that little complex or zone that will give you the comfort that you wanted but only if you stay "confined".

But what will happen if you want to go outside? meet locals? submerge yourself in the culture? Are things affordable? Because a villa might be in a location where is turistic and things are expensive or totally oposite, you're in the middle of nowhere and after few visits or months living there you might be looking for more exciting things to do and new places to be.

Also maybe you'd be living in your country and visit 3, 4 or even more times a year in which case having an airport close by will be an essential need for you. Maybe you want a place where because connection is good and you are not thinking on living there permanently you can "escape" every bank holiday of the year, specially if the local airport has a very affordable flights from the nearest airport to your address in your country. That can be a great disconnection and maybe even more affordable than spending another weekend under the weather in town.

white concrete house surrounded by trees
white concrete house surrounded by trees

"Have you ever considered the wide range of differences you might come across?"

A Villa ...

A common misconception

One of the most common thoughts to have is "Once I've found the right property everything else will fall in place" Well.. Yes and No, keep reading..

Although finding a property that you love will give you the excitement and energy to go through the whole process, finding out that the location don't meet your needs might make that excitement vanish almost instantly.

That's likely to happen and doesn't mean that you don't know what your needs are, is just that it'll be in a whole different country where even the locals like anywhere else in the world might not even know what would they like for themselves.

So.. how would you stand a chance then? The environment, services, culture, habits will be different and for the nexts few years every day will be findings that will change your perception of what your needs are and even who you are.

This might sound intense but the same way that we are what we eat you could say we are made of the experiences that we live and although we can't expect to control who we will become, we can narrow down an idea of what you will need and this, is exactly where our expertise is.

Let us give you an exemple

yellow and white houses near body of water during daytime
yellow and white houses near body of water during daytime

... or Village?

Our unique position between two waters allows us to navigate regulatory barriers effectively, enabling us to guide you towards the services tailored to your specific situation. This expertise helps alleviate the common headaches associated with this process.

In addition, we offer various methodologies to ensure your investments are worthwhile. These approaches maximize the value of your property not only when you live in or visit it, now or in the future, but also when you are away.

We go above and beyond to unearth the finest deals, often securing them before they circulate on various social media platforms, where they may become inflated.

But before..

But before these are the doubts that have to be answered prior starting the search process:

  • What type of property will satisfy my needs.

  • Where is the most suitable place for my preferences.

  • Is it what I think I want aligned with my needs.

  • Which things should I consider when purchaising a property in Spain.

  • Legislation: Some zones in Spain have their own particular set of laws.

  • Would I need help? If yes, which kind? How and where can I find it?

  • The list goes on as long as each case scenario requires ...

brown brick house under blue sky and white clouds during daytime
brown brick house under blue sky and white clouds during daytime

So even if the villa is what will suit you an agency will be restrained to their existing customers and geografical location and you guess , of course they will try to convince you that what they offer is all what you can aim for or expect to find in that zone.

Goods news are that there are many more villages, towns and cities that are not known that the ones that everyone talk about and yes they might suit your needs better in many aspects like connections to places, things to visit and of course the price of the properties.

So instead of spending infinite hours searching and guessing what is a good offer and getting lost in the process or hiring the wrong assistance, let us guide you through the process of:

  • Finding all the possibilities at your reach in correlation with your needs.

  • Reaching all the professionals that you might need in your particular situation and assisst on selecting the most suitable ones for you.

  • Negotiate or "Regatear" (in spanish) the best price of your future property.

Happy Clients

Esther: My Spanish Real Estate helped us to find a perfect rural villa in Spain and we are renting it out. Good companion throughout the whole process recommended!

Zheko: They helped me to find accommodation in the months that I went to study a master. Was great to have someone to help me with the language barrier.

Mike: Thanks to My Spanish Real Estate, I found my first investment in Spain.

Francisco: Highly professional and knowledgeable. Genis has helped me buying and renting a 3 bed. property to students and it is paying itself while giving me an extra to bring home to my family.

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We are dedicated to helping discerning buyers find their ideal properties in Spain. With personalized service and expertise, we make your property buying journey memorable and rewarding.

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